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What is a portrait?

Seattle Portrait Photographer

Unlike the basic headshot a portrait is a production of creativity, aesthetics, lights, and emotion. The appropriate response from someone seeing your portrait for the first time should be awe; it should evoke adjectives likes “elegant” “regal” and “refined.”

As a portrait photographer I’m not simply capturing your face, but rather the aspirations of your best self. I manipulate lighting and adjust angles to construct the emotion you want to convey – whether it’s empowerment, confidence, sincerity, or empathy.

If you’re simply looking for a corporate headshot or something a little more professional for your LinkedIn profile, check our corporate headshots page for examples and pricing.

What should I expect?

The Portrait Process

Portrait photography is a production: setting, wardrobe, hair, and makeup. But this doesn’t mean it should be intimidating. Most of our clients have some level of camera shyness, so if this sounds daunting you’re in good company. We typically have at least two conversations before your portrait shoot. It’s an opportunity for us to learn your goals and helps us devise the best approach for ensuring you walk away excited.

The entire process lasts about 3+ hours – including hair & makeup, outfits changes, and the shoot itself. We’ll capture 500+ images. Once the shoot is complete, we cull the image list down to 5-10 “selects” before sending to you to choose a favorite. Once you select your favorite photo we professionally retouch the image before delivering the final version to you within 7-10 days.