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Build your portfolio

Seattle Models

If your looking to add to your portfolio, or even if you’re just getting started, we would love the opportunity to captures images your proud to share.

What is a test shoot?

Test Shoots

A test shoot is an unpaid shoot when a photographer and a model come together to create content. Whether that be an idea the model has or a collective concept, it usually is simple in execution.

A test shoot is the best way to learn how to model or gain experience since the pressure to perform is low and the need for a huge production isn’t necessary. Usually, it’s just the model and the photographer working together to create the shot and sometimes a makeup artist and hairstylist.

If you’re interested in a test shoot please visit our model call page, fill out the short form, and let us know what concepts you have in mind.

What are digitals for modeling?

Agency Digitals

Agencies will ask to see your “digitals,” which are unedited pictures of you, usually photographed in natural light with little to no makeup or hair styling. Agencies want to see how you really look, with no retouching, no makeup, and with your natural hair.

How much are modeling portfolios photos?

Modeling Portfolio Pricing

Modeling Portfolios
2-3 Hour Session
In Studio (Downtown Kirkland) or Seattle Area
2-4 Outfit(s)
4 High Resolution Images
Professional Retouching
10-Day Delivery
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How much are digitals for modeling?

Agency Digitals Pricing

Agency Digitals
Natural / Unedited / Candid
1 Hour Session
In Studio (Downtown Kirkland) or Seattle Area
1-2 Outfit(s)
6 High Resolution Images
No Retouching
7-Day Delivery
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