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Young Professionals Headshots

Clients 25 Years Old or Younger

Being early in your career is no excuse for not leading with your best foot forward. We provide young professionals headshots to compensate for any lack of experience with a credible presentation. When you’re vying with candidates equally qualified provide an impression of the asset you WILL BE, rather than an image of where you currently are.

Headshot Process

Headshots are fairly simple shoots, requiring little preparation on your part and minimal production on ours. We come to your offices (or any other mutually agreed to location), set up lighting, identify the impression you want captured (stern, jovial, casual, haughty), then spend about 25 minutes capturing hundreds of images. We cull the image list down to 5-10 “selects” before sending to you to choose a favorite. Once you select your favorite photo we retouch the image to remove blemishes and even-out skin tone before delivering the final version to you within 5-7 days.

Headshot Pricing

  • One Headshot / $175
  • Two Headshots / $250

Young Professionals Headshots Include

guided photoshoot

Most of us aren’t professional models so allow us to guide you through the process, step-by-step

quick delivery

We understand the excitement of seeing your photos so we deliver the first sample in days

satisfaction guaranteed

If you’ve looked at our reviews you understand we only allow clients to leave happy

professional retouching

Available at additional cost


Available at additional cost

Styling & wardrobe

Available at additional cost


“I am beyond thrilled with my overall experience and result from JODANI Photography. Jordan was professional, responsive, took extra time/care throughout my session to offer a variety of styles/looks and worked closely with me to select my favorites and make sure they were edited to my liking. I can’t say enough positive things and would recommend JODANI Photography to anyone looking for headshots, portraits or event photography.”

Ashley S.

Executive Headshot
“I had such a great experience having my portraits done by Jordan! He is one of the best photographers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He helped me with angles that best fit my features partnered with lighting that didn’t cast shadows on my face. I would highly recommend him to those that are looking to get professional headshots or portraits done.``

Kelley H.

“I'd highly recommend Jordan for your portrait photography needs. He's a talented photographer and excels at making you feel at home during a photoshoot. Whether you are looking for a standard headshot or want something that's a bit more creative, he can get the job done.”

Jim O.

“Jordan is a wonderful photographer! He has a creative eye and makes the whole process very fun and enjoyable. I love the photos that were captured and feel they really capture “me.” I would recommend Jordan to anyone!”

Kate B.

Young Professional